Week 8

June 12 - June 18
JUNE 18 - 22

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Sunday June 12, 2005
Pierre, South Dakota

So, at 8:00am Bob climbed aboard the Black and White, pointed it towards Minneapolis/St. Paul and cranked the throttle for most of the day.  About 35 miles outside of St. Paul, Roger and a group of riders met up with Bob.  They all rode in to the Capitol where lots more Rotarians were waiting.  Another great welcome, and another opportunity to fire up Rotarians to help accomplish the task at hand: eradicate Polio.

Still in "go" mode, Bob rode on for a while longer. 

He reached Menomonie,  WI.  and decided it was time to stop.  It was planned that he would meet up with DG Mark Kinney, whom we had met on the Odyssey Ride in '01, tomorrow.  So Bob called him to let Mark know he was in town and was going to stay at a local motel for the night.  Mark and Julie wouldn't hear of it, and twisted Bob's arm (while on the phone), to come stay with them for the night.  It sounded like a pleasant evening of dinner and beer.

While driving along hwy 101 this afternoon, I believe I was near Paso Robles, when I spied a billboard.  In big letters was goodbye polio, our Rotary Wheel, and words about our Centennial.  I could not help but smile, and be proud to be a Rotarian, and to be a part of this great organization.

Mileage:  Day  550  Total 16,535


Monday June 13, 2005
Menomonie, Wisconsin

Julie Kinney prepared a delicious breakfast for Bob and Mark.  After suiting up for rain, even though it didn't look like rain, Bob was shocked when he went out to his bike.  Mark had power washed it the night before and it looked like a different bike.  DG Mark and Bob mounted up and rode 35 miles and met up with Don Redetzke and the three of them rode to La Crosse.  There were two separate TV stations that did separate interviews.  A newspaper reporter was there also. 

The three of them then headed right into a horrible rainstorm.  While it wasn't cold or icy, it was 100 miles of visibility so bad that cars were stopping.  Bob was really impressed that Mark and Don hung in there all the way to Madison.

On time into Madison, I might add.  Awaiting the soggy threesome at the Capitol, was District PolioPlus Chair Randy Sproule, PDG  Perry Henderson,  Exec. Dir. Pat Jenkins, a crowd of Rotarians and non-Rotarian personal friend Pat LeMahieu.  This district in the last two years has raised over $750,000 for PolioPlus.  That deserves some applause.   Also Fox 27 and 47 were there for interviews.  The media is really coming through on covering this Ride.  Thank you. 

Mark and Don escorted Bob to his digs for the night.  The District is hosting Bob tonight at the Best Western in a large suite.  That's very helpful since he needed the space to lay everything out to dry.  . 

Mileage:  Day 270  Total    16,805

Tuesday, June 14. 2005
Madison, Wisconsin

 A day of deserved rest for Bob and drying time for his belongings.  It was clear of rain all day until dinner time, which he enjoyed with Randy Sproule and Perry Henderson.  Together they conversed about Rotary,  the Foundation, PolioPlus, Club issues, and a host of other topics.  It's interesting to hear views from other parts of the country.  Then for a change of pace, Bob went to Perry's and checked out his piano.  I hope he hasn't forgotten what they look like.  After this long awareness event, we will have to get back to work.  The money tree drowned with all the wet weather this year.  

Mileage:  Day Zip   Total  16,805


Wednesday June 15, 2005
Madison, Wisconsin

 It was a respectable time of day when Bob left Madison on his way to Davenport, Iowa.  A detour of 35 miles did not endear Bob to the highway system.

However, he did arrive in Davenport for the District Conference of DG Bill Tubbs. 


Tony and Bob are Together Again.  I think there's a song...........anyway. Tony flew in from Boise, where numerous Rotarians took great care of him.  From what I hear, Tony received the ROYAL treatment, was treated as a celebrity, and the folks in Boise went all out and gave him a huge send-off to Tony.

Tonight was a BBQ  of steaks and delicious food at the Conference.  Tony will speak at a couple of break out sessions and Bob is the keynote speaker on Friday at noon. 

 Mileage:  Day 205 miles   Total  17,010


Thursday June 16, 2005

At the District 6000 Conference

Mileage: Day 0  miles   Total 17,010

Friday June 17, 2005
Davenport, Iowa

It was a busy day at Bill Tubbs' District Conference.  Tony spoke at two break out sessions.  Bob was the keynote speaker at the noon meeting.    

Then, it was off to Chicago to prepare for the Convention and Parade.  Bob rode the Black and White and Tony went with Rotarians from Iowa. 

Later that night, I boarded a plane heading east.

Mileage: Day 225  Total  17,235

Saturday June 18, 2005
Chicago, Illinois

The sunrise from 30,000 ft was quite glorious.  After landing, I made my way to McCormick Place and our hotel.  Bob was already at the meeting point for the Parade.  As I walked to meet him, parade floats and groups were forming up.  It was going to be quite a sight.  It turned out that I had a job!  I was to walk with Paul Sandas carrying the banner in front of the motorcycle.  It's nice to have a job.  Phyllis Nuez was in her Romanian costume and managed to prop herself in Bob's sidecar.  She rang the Centennial Bell through the parade as Bob navigated the bike.  There were many old friends and new friends along the parade route.  Orangevale Rotary was there en masse.  Pres Debbie and other North Sacramento Rotarians also cheered.  The Centennial Parade was exciting.  It began with flags, all the flags of Rotary. There was a  wheelchair brigade,  a bicycle built for eight!, a squadron of motorcycles from the Rotary International Fellowship of Motorcycle Riders  floats, marching polio National Immunization Days volunteers, and lots more. 

Then it was back to the convention hall to set up the bike for display.  That being accomplished, we found dinner at the hotel and then our tired selves crashed for the night.

Mileage:  Day 5  GRAND TOTAL 17,240


POSTSCRIPT:    Arriving at the Convention actually brought the Ride to an end.  However, while there Bob made a contact that may make it possible to take the bike to Juneau Alaska.  It would mean that all 50 state capitals WILL had been visited for the Centennial Ride.  We are hoping that last stop will happen.

We are grateful to everyone who helped make this Ride a success.  There are many of you out there who put a great deal of effort into making the Ride happen.  Without all of you, it would not have been as great as it was.  Bob, Tony and I want to thank everyone with our deepest sincerity.

Yours in Rotary,
Patti Mutchler



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