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Patti will be journaling the Centennial CHP ride.  Read about their ride.

Monday April 4, 2005
Sacramento, California
Well, it wasn't hot, humid or lush with beautiful foliage and flowers as it was in Hawaii.   At least it wasn't raining or snowing.  Actually, the sun was shinning brightly and it was a little cool on the shady side of the West Steps of the Capitol Building.  Joining Motorcycle Bob for the beginning of this portion of the Centennial ride was Rotarian Jim Buntin, on his Very Red Ducati Motorcycle.  Assistant CHP Commissioner Arthur Anderson led off at the microphone with support of PolioPlus, Motorcycle Bob and Rotary's effort to complete the project and fulfill the promise.  Bob stepped up the microphone and thanked the CHP for their support since 1998 of his efforts to raise awareness of polio and all who are working diligently to end this dreaded disease.  With the continued support of the caring and  dedicated members of the CHP, all of us will soon be safe from polio.  It will be a wonderful alliance of Rotary and the CHP to work together in this endeavor and other projects in the future. 
Then, with the media at attention, the mighty highway patrol ran... I  mean...   escorted Bob and Jim out of town.  We were very happy to see TV Channel 31, 3, and 40 there for their departure.  And I am very proud that our District Governor Steve and First Lady JoAnn Lemmon braved the traffic and mediocre parking to support Bob in this portion of the Centennial Ride.  From the CHP were Tom Marshall and Michael Nivens, Deputy Chief of Protective Services.  Let's not forget Orangevale Rotarian Robert Guthleben and myself.
 Escorting the two riders out of town were CHP Motor Officers Jim and Greg on their BMW 1100 RTP's.
Finally out of town, the two headed north to Redding and hamburgers at the famous Black Bear Restaurant.  Oh, yes, the real mission is revealed at last.  Not really, but they did need to eat.  After consuming mass quantities of calories, Bob and Jim were met by Motor Officers Jeff and John, who escorted our pair  of wanderers to the Station, where Capt David Hahn (the Station Commander) treated our guys very well.  A group of officers greeted and  listened to a newspaper interview.  In Redding, we are sad to say the Rotarians were not able to make the meeting.  Sounds like some  fines .....
Anyway,  a very interesting development occurred.  A Redding news photographer climbed into the back of a patrol car and commenced to photograph our two-wheeled compadres.  It got even more exciting as they went out on to the freeway,  and for four or so miles did some photo shots.  Now just imagine you are driving down the highway, minding your own business, and a CHP patrol car pulls on to the freeway along with a motorcycle that looks like a CHP bike with a sidecar.  Visualize some maneuvering between the two vehicles for a while.   I would imagine that some motorists had some very strange ideas as to what was going on.
At any rate, the events in Redding concluded and our duo headed south.  Jim headed home and Bob found his way to Vallejo, to turn in for the night  and to begin bright and early tomorrow. But not before meeting up with District Gov Mike Garver, who arranged for Bob to rest peacefully at the Holiday Inn.
Mileage:  408
Tuesday  April 5, 2005
Vallejo, California
It was a reunion of sorts when two motor CHP officers arrived at 8:30 to escort Bob.  One of the officers had escorted Bob three years ago.  Also showing up to ride with Bob was Richard Arrow who is the CFO for the City of Vallejo.  The four motorcycles headed out to the Headquarters  where Chief Jim Innis of the Golden Gate Division, and his team of staff and officers were waiting.  Amongst the crowd was another welcome individual.  Fred Bowe of the San Francisco Chocolate Co had arrived with an armload of very special chocolate  truffles.  They were individually wrapped with the Ride logo on one side and a photo Fred had taken of Bob in Ghana, on the other side.   PDG Malloy,  with broken arm  and all, also managed to join the group.  Hopefully, friendships were made and the meeting will be beneficial to everyone. 
Bob and Rich skipped town and headed for Salinas.  Do you think there are any truffles left?  On the way down the freeway, an officer was riding nearby.   Apparently, a very impatient driver finally realized Bob was not CHP.  Now most of us know that Bob doesn't pretend to be a Sunday driver,  and he does not let much grass grow under his wheels.  However, the unknown driver decided to imitate Mario Andretti and whipped dangerously around Bob and Richard.  Bad idea.  Mr. Speedy  didn't see Mr. CHP, and so the gumball lights went on, and and you get the picture.
In Salinas, District 5230 Governor Gloria Clinton and her assistant Connie were there with two TV crews (one latino).  Officer Scott Jensen introduced DG Gloria who welcomed Bob to the District and introduced him.  Bob  talked about the support of the CHP of Rotary and PolioPlus. Formal interviews with the news crews took place.  Sometime during all of this,  the CHP snuck off and washed Bob's Black and White.  You know it has to get much better mileage now that it's been washed.  It was a very good event.  Bob headed for Fresno, parked the B&W and called it a day.
Mileage:  280 

Wednesday April 6, 2005

Fresno, California

PDG Roy Massey  hosted Bob for breakfast at the Piccadilly Inn.  They chatted Rotary stuff and then two CHP showed up to haul, er...  escort Bob to the CHP headquarters where Rotarians, CHP, staff, and TV and radio were anxiously awaiting Motorcycle Bob and PDG Massey.  After interviewing with Fox TV and then with Roy Issum of KMJ 580, Bob and PDG Roy were really grateful for the remarkable organization the CHP had arranged there in Fresno.

With no partner to ride with, Bob left Fresno solo.  South and south some more to Riverside.  At the county line the CHP picked up Motorcycle Bob and escorted him to the station.  Officer Lee Nuez brought out all the staff and officers, as well as DG Roy Brownie from District 5330.  Bob addressed all of them and thanked them for their involvement and support of Rotary, for helping to end polio.  After visiting and talking with the Riverside bunch, Bob mounted his B&W Horse and headed further South to San Diego, for tomorrow's escapade.

 Mileage: 406

Thursday April 7, 2005
San Diego, California

Bob started the day at Perry's Restaurant.  It's the kind of place locals frequent for breakfast and lunch only; with a line out the door and down the sidewalk almost all the time.  Perry owns and operates the cafe and gets to know everyone.   As Bob finished his breakfast he was joined by DG Sandy Rimer and DGE Bob for coffee and chatter.   Shortly thereafter, four motor officers arrived to ensure Bob's arrival at the station.  A satellite uplink was in place for a live broadcast of their arrival and interview, while Bob was still on the bike.  The Station Commander introduced DG Sandy who thanked everyone for being there; Rotary for it's humanitarian  efforts to erase polio from the world; and Bob for his rides to bring awareness Rotary and PolioPlus.  Then Bob was introduced.  We are so close to being able to say that all the children of the world have been immunized, that we now will have a chance to do away with one disease that horribly and painfully disfigures people.  Soon we will be able to take the money ($1.5 Billion +) spent on immunizing for polio and use it elsewhere.  Isn't it great that the CHP want to help in this effort?  They have been for seven years and would like to continue to work with Rotary in the future on other projects. 

Back to the morning events.  DG Sandy presented a proclamation from Mayor Dick Murphy making April 7th 2005, Bob Mutchler Day.  There was applause from a crowd of various Rotarians, CHP folks, dignitaries and the public,  the very people we are trying to reach.  Afterwards, the live broadcast station did a full interview for a feature story for the evening broadcast. 

Bob then saddled up and headed north.  At a prearranged location two CHP met up with Bob and guided the way to the West Los Angeles Station. An enormous (35-40) group of people, as in the public, were waiting.  Unfortunately, no media was there to witness the speechifying.  Bob was proud to be there, proud of the CHP involvement in the program, and proud of PolioPlus.

After visiting with the WLA group, Bob mounted up.  Heading north again, rain and winds kept Bob company for 250 miles.  He arrived home wet, but very "up" from a successful ride. 

Mileage: 532


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